12 Types of Contractors and Which One Is Best For Your Project

If you’ve renovated your own home or watched any HGTV show, then you’ve heard the word “contractor” said at some point. So what is a contractor? A contractor is a construction or design professional that you hire to perform a project in your home. General contractors are the most well-known type of contractor. However, there are quite a few subcontractors (more specialized contractors), you should know about. This is our list of subcontractors and contractors to help you figure out which one you need to hire for your next project.

General Contractor
A general contractor is the manager for any renovation or building project. They generally do the hiring of all the suppliers and subcontractors to do the job.

Carpenters in a building project are the wood masters. Some carpenters specialize in niches like finishes like crown molding, cabinetmaking, or framework. Sometimes general contractors also do carpentry work, since most renovation projects involve a lot of wood.

Plumbers take care of the piping in your home or business. While they most commonly work with water and sewer pipes, many also offer service on natural gas too. If you need a great plumber in Las Vegas, call Dignity Plumbing! 

You are probably going to need an electrician if you are doing any wiring. Beyond the general electrical systems like lighting and outlets, there are specialized categories for electrical contractors, including cable TV, fire alarm systems, and even sound equipment.

A typical wall in a house is made of drywall. These are subcontractors who specialize in its installation.

Some walls are made of plaster, which today is also usually made of gypsum. Plastering a wall is a more labor-intensive and time-intensive process than drywalling, and thus there are plastering subcontractors who specialize in the technique.

This one is a little obvious. Once your walls are up you can hire this subcontractor to add some color.

Heating and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)
One of the most important parts of a new home is the central heating and air-conditioning system. There are heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractors who specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining everything from your furnace to your ductwork.

For stonework, you're going to need a Mason. They do everything from stone pavers in your yard, marble countertops, to a stone-clad fireplace.

You might need to replace your roof at some point if you’re a homeowner. A general contractor can hire a roofer for that. They may also be able to help you with your gutters.

You might need to work with an excavator if you are working on clearing dirt from your land in order to lay a foundation.

Hire a landscaping contractor for planting new greenery or designing a new space in your backyard.

Concrete Specialist
Concrete can be a decorative element in your house or an important structure. A concrete contractor can get the job done.


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