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Thomason Construction Inc is quickly becoming one of the premier concrete subs in the valley by providing quality work on time with safety and precision.

An essential part of any construction project is the foundation. Thomason Construction Inc has a tried and proven method of delivering quality concrete foundations for small commercial projects, as well as a vast amount of experience in residential concrete slabs.

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Our Process

We begin with a consultation of your construction plans as well as a review of your local building codes. Then, we'll thoroughly assess your site, checking the soil and environmental conditions, making sure moisture and drainage issues are avoided. From execution to final delivery, we keep in touch to ensure that all requirements are met and that your project is done completely and correctly.

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Why Choose Us

No matter what service you may be hiring Thomason Construction for we are staffed with true professionals that will treat you like a family member. We understand that your home, office or project is important to you and we give each of our projects and services the same attention we would give our own. We take pride in completing our projects on time and on budget. We never overbook, are always on time, and won't come up with excuses.

Thomason Construction Team

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