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A fresh coat of paint breathes new life into every home or business. At Thomason Construction, we specialize in painting solutions that make your commercial or residential space look and feel flawless and up to date. Our experienced team can tackle any job, from homes, offices, apartments, and more, planning a schedule that works around your hours and offering impressive, detailed results.

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Why work with Thomason Construction?

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Reach out to us today for more information on our painting services or to schedule a trouble-free estimate.
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  • We take the time and attention to properly prepare your space before painting, including removing any wall fixtures, applying primer, and taking safety precautions.
  • Our team makes sure your property remains protected and clean.
  • We offer a longer-lasting paint job with higher quality tools and paint.
  • You can ask us for professional advice or recommendations on color schemes, patterns, and more.
  • Close attention to detail is always taken with evenly applied coats and avoided mishaps such as splatters on the trim or other unwanted areas.

Save time and stress less when your next painting is needed. We'll help you maintain your property with cost-effective and efficient painting results that last longer than a DIY job or work from an inexperienced contractor. With a professional and steady hand, we're ready to give your walls a newly vibrant and refreshing appearance.

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Why Choose Us

No matter what service you may be hiring Thomason Construction for we are staffed with true professionals that will treat you like a family member. We understand that your home, office or project is important to you and we give each of our projects and services the same attention we would give our own. We take pride in completing our projects on time and on budget. We never overbook, are always on time, and won't come up with excuses.

Thomason Construction Team

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